R&E create melodies, backing vocals, lyrics.

Pro-singers (male & female) : great experience as session vocalists, top lines and choirs creations. we work for hire in productions, broadcasts, jingles, albums, tours.

High quality home studio set-up.

We read music.

We always help the client find the best solution for his creation.

We speak&sing in : Italian,English,Portuguese,Spanish,French. Available to learn a new language’s pronunciation just for one song.

Covers : we create real imitations of famous singers’ original timbre

Pick one famous song and create a version as close as possible to the original one. #covers #imitations

record at 44100 or 48000 hz, 24 bit, voices totally clean and flat.
We generally cooperate with the client trying to reach the best for his project.

Skills :
lead voices for dance, pop, latin, brazilian productions (creation too).
lead and backing vocals on jingles, pubs, albums (creation too).
Famous singers’ timbre imitation for youtube covers
pop,gospel choirs – backing vocals in genre (creation too).

Tell us about your project and how we can help, through the ‘Contact’ button above.






Noteworthy Releases – infos

‘Forever young’, Brothers Records, 2018 -composer, lead voice-

‘I don’t mind’ , Brothers Records, 2017 -composer, lead voice-

‘Looking for love’, Groove Culture Music, 2017 -composer, lead voice-

‘We dance again (meu amor)’, Smilax Publishing, 2016 -composers, lead voices, lyrics with Tony Change-

‘Vita Esagerata’, Brothers Productions, 2016 -composer, lead voice, lyrics-

‘Stars’, Walkman srl, 2015, -co-writer, lead voice-

‘Dieci Cento Mille’, Brothers Productions, 2015 -lead voice, backings-

‘Escape’, Brothers Productions, 2014 -composer, lead voice, lyrics-

‘Inghilterra’, S8 productions, 2011 -composer, lead voice, lyrics, backing vocals-

‘All’orizzonte c’è’, S8 productions, 2016 -composer, lead voice, lyrics, backing vocals-

‘Forever’, Rainbow media PTE ltd, 2011 -lead voice and backing vocals-
‘La musica’, Rainbow srl, 2013 -lead voice and backing vocals-
‘Left you for the sunshine’, Kennvad Publishing Limited, 2015 -composer, lead voice, lyrics, backing vocals-
‘Like Birds’, Walkman srl, 2015 -composer, lead voice, lyrics, backing vocals-
‘Morning’s Vibrations’ by Supernova 2004, Lapsus Music 2005  -Lead voice-
‘My Battle’, Brothers Records, 2015 -composer, lead voice, lyrics-
‘One to One’, Rainbow srl, 2013 -lead voice and backing vocals-
‘Our Christmas Songs’, AR2 Records, 2007 -lead voice, choirs creation and direction, choirist-
‘Sacrifice’, Brothers Productions, 2014 -composer, lead voice, lyrics-
 ‘Sexy Girl’, Brothers Productions, 2015 -lead voice, backing-
 ‘Superstar’, L.Blasi, Kennvad productions, 2013 -Lead voice and backing vocals-
‘The Moon’, Brothers productions, 2015 -Lead voice, backing-