WHAT IS ‘The Five’ is a choir created by 5 professionists in 2006. They’ve specialized in creating and singing pop choirs and Gospel choirs. They recorded a Christmas album. iTunes OCCASIONS Gospel : weddings, ceremonies in genre, opening parties, corporate events. Christmas gospel : Christmas happenings/concerts/openings with new and extraordinary arrangements. Pop Choirs : creating, arranging, studio and live sessions. OPTIONS

  • 4 choirists with piano or band
  • 6 choirists with piano or band
  • 8 choirists with piano or band

REPERTOIRE Gospel : K.Franklin, F.Hammond, Golden Gate Quartet, Sister Act Soundtracks ext Pop choirs : Boyz II Men, Take Six, Country Style ext AUDIO & LIGHTS SERVICE For small and medium places, both closed or in the open-air, our audio service is always available and included and well suites a 2 hundred persons place. (1000 Watts with n.3 acoustic box , 1 mixer, audio and electric cables, 4 lights) For big places, we cooperate with a professional service. [masterslider id=”1″] #gospel-wedding #gospel-choir-north-italy #gospel-ceremony-choir #live-singers #italian-singers-for-hire #party-band-italy #wedding-band-italy #professional-singers #italian-musicians-for-hire #singers-abroad #singers-for-events #wedding-in-italy-music #music-for-wedding #professional-band #vocalduo #ranieri&emanuela #ranieri and emanuela singers