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WHAT IS OndaBrasil is a fabulous band of Caribbean Pop Music!

OCCASIONS Dancing clubs, parties, sunset music, carnival parades, weddings, corporate events and more.

OPTIONS 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 elements, according to client’s budget, place of performance, audience.


Brazilian (Axè, Pagode, Samba, Sertanejo, Arrocha, Mpb)

Latin american (salsa, merengue, bachata)

Caribbean (Reggaeton, Kizomba, Soca, Reggae)

Updated caribbean version of Pop and Dance hits 

Love IVETE SANGALO ? Onda Brasil is one of the best IVETE SANGALO TRIBUTE in Italy  !  Todos os maiores sucessos da famosa star brasileira em umo show fantastico!

AUDIO & LIGHTS SERVICE For small and medium places, both closed or in the open-air, our audio service is always available and included and well suites a 2 hundred persons place (1000w, 3 acoustic box, 4 lights) We also cooperate with professional services.   our official web-site www.ondabrasil.org  


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Duo Brazil Acoustic

“Necessidade” was born in 2010, when these 2 great artists met for the first time : a smooth voice, a talent of acoustic guitar. Their same passion for brazilian music made the rest. They are generally accompaigned by a great percussionist during the show. THE PROJECT Give the audience a truly brazilian sound, both through brazilian classics and italians. Everything moves around bossanova, samba, choro and mpb (mostly in brazilian portuguese) with a little tribute to Italy. TARGET People who wants to have a warm dip in brazilian music, who loves from gently atmospheres of Bossanova to the funny rhythms of Samba. WHICH OCCASION Duo brazil acoustic plays both for informal happenings and elegant nights such as openings or parties; concerts in squares or a soft sunset’s soundtrack, soft music in corporate events, weddings, cruises, clubs and more BAND Emanuela Gramaglia (lead voice and brazilian genre specialist) and Paolo ( brazilian guitar specialist) are leaders. Duo Brazil Acoustic should have from 2 to 6 elements (adding bass, percussions, choirs, flute), keeping his smooth sound characteristics. The band played an italian and brazilian repertoire in many clubs abroad. REPERTOIRE Bossanova, Samba, Choro, Mpb, Contemporary italian pop and ‘60es(Pausini, Endrigo, Tenco, Mina, Vanoni, Grandi & many others in brazilian mood) AUDIO & LIGHTS SERVICE For small and medium places, both closed or in the open-air, our audio service is always available and included and well suites a 2 hundred persons place(1000w, 3acoustic box, 4 lights) For big places, we cooperate with a professional service.

  Salvador Children are growing Through Arts


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vocal duo ranieri e emanuela professional italian singers and choirist livesingers for hire



Professional Duo Singers with more than ten years’ experience. Nice looks, huge repertoire and two wonderful voices for live events, both piano-voice and with the support of backing tracks. (look for our other projects if you’re interested in live music with more musicians) Ranieri & Emanuela duo cover an entire event, playing from smooth to dance music, across many genres. EVENTS AND PLACES Corporate events, openings, parties, weddings, dinners, happy hours, restaurants and hotels, touristic resorts, cruises and more. LOCATIONS Live atmosphere music in hotels’ halls, background music during dinners, happy hours – Weddings and celebrations – Live sessions in elegant cafes – Fashion Discoteques as vocalists before and during the disco – Social events in genre. GENRES

  • Italian pop music (both old and contemporary –examples T.Ferro, L.Pausini, L.Tenco, Mina, G.Paoli ext )
  • World Pop music (both old and contemporary –examples E.John, B.Streisand, G.Michael, A.Lennox, L.Gaga, B.Mars ext)
  • Brazilian Music (Both acoustic –examples bossanova, samba, mpb- and Electric –examples axè, pagode)
  • Black Music (Jazz, Soul, Funk, R’n’B, examples A.Franklin, O.Redding, R.Charles, Rihanna, F.Sinatra ext )
  • Latin-American music (salsa, merengue, bachata, kizomba ext)
  • Disco music (from disco ‘70 –kool & the gang ext.. to dance –guetta ext..)
  • Anglo-caribbean music (acoustic –examples hawaiian and calypso style- and electric –examples Soca style)

AUDIO AND LIGHTS SERVICE Duo singers provides audio and lights service for medium events (place capacity about 200 persons, 1000 Watts with n.3 acoustic box , 1 mixer, audio and electric cables, 4 lights) For larger places duo singers cooperates with a professional service. SOME REFERENCES La Cervara (Portofino), Hotel Des Illes Borromees (Stresa), Hotel Principe di Savoia (Milano), Vera Club (Sharm El Sheikh) and more.

emanuela vocal duo
ranieri vocal duo
emanuela vocal duo
ranieri vocal duo
emanuela vocal duo
ranieri vocal duo
emanuela vocal duo
ranieri vocal duo
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