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Duo Brazil Acoustic

“Necessidade” was born in 2010, when these 2 great artists met for the first time : a smooth voice, a talent of acoustic guitar. Their same passion for brazilian music made the rest. They are generally accompaigned by a great percussionist during the show. THE PROJECT Give the audience a truly brazilian sound, both through brazilian classics and italians. Everything moves around bossanova, samba, choro and mpb (mostly in brazilian portuguese) with a little tribute to Italy. TARGET People who wants to have a warm dip in brazilian music, who loves from gently atmospheres of Bossanova to the funny rhythms of Samba. WHICH OCCASION Duo brazil acoustic plays both for informal happenings and elegant nights such as openings or parties; concerts in squares or a soft sunset’s soundtrack, soft music in corporate events, weddings, cruises, clubs and more BAND Emanuela Gramaglia (lead voice and brazilian genre specialist) and Paolo ( brazilian guitar specialist) are leaders. Duo Brazil Acoustic should have from 2 to 6 elements (adding bass, percussions, choirs, flute), keeping his smooth sound characteristics. The band played an italian and brazilian repertoire in many clubs abroad. REPERTOIRE Bossanova, Samba, Choro, Mpb, Contemporary italian pop and ‘60es(Pausini, Endrigo, Tenco, Mina, Vanoni, Grandi & many others in brazilian mood) AUDIO & LIGHTS SERVICE For small and medium places, both closed or in the open-air, our audio service is always available and included and well suites a 2 hundred persons place(1000w, 3acoustic box, 4 lights) For big places, we cooperate with a professional service.

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